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There is a subject index. Fenton, William N. American Indian and white relations to , needs and opportunities for study; an essay. New York: Russell and Russell. F4 The entries are annotated and a lengthy essay is included. Sutton, Imre. Indian land tenure: bibliographical essays and a guide to the literature.

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New York: Clearwater Pub. L3 S92 Books, articles and government documents are included, with subject, tribal and geographic indexes. Native North Americans: crime, conflict and justice: a research bibliography. Burnaby, B. There is no index, so use the list of contents instead. Mail, Patricia D. L7 M34 A lengthy literature review, subject and author indexes are included. Lobb, Michael. Native American youth and alcohol: an annotated bibliography.

L7 L6 A literature review, abstracts, subject and author indexes are included. National Archives and Records Service. American Indians: select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications. U There are no annotations. This work consists of a list of documents held at the U. National Archives, mainly relating to government agencies and the military. Kluckhohn, Clyde. A bibliography of the Navaho Indians.

N3 K53 The emphasis in this work is on anthropology. It covers material, including unpublished manuscripts, up until There are brief annotations. There is a series of excellent bibliographies on Native Americans produced by the Newberry Library. All in the series follow the same format - the first part of the book discusses different aspects of the subject and the literature relating to it, while the second part lists the works themselves. There are three of them in John Jay library: Thornton, Russell.

Sociology of American Indians: a critical bibliography. S67 T46 Thornton, Russell. The urbanization of American Indians; a critical bibliography. U72 T53 Surtees, R. Canadian Indian Policy: a critical bibliography.

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The following is a partial list of some biographical materials in John Jay library which contain information about Native Americans in North America. Bataille, Gretchen M. American Indian women: telling their lives.

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  • Blood Relations: Menstruation and the Origins of Culture.
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W8 B37 Indian lives: essays on nineteenth and twentieth century Native American leaders. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. I43 I tell you now: autobiographical essays by Native American writers. I24 Dockstader, Frederick J. Great North American Indians: profiles in life and leadership. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

D55 Josephy, Alvin M. The patriot chiefs; a chronicle of American Indian leadership. New York: Viking Press. J78 Krupat, Arnold. For those who come after: a study of Native American autobiography. Berkeley: University of California Press. K78 This work is a critical analysis of Native American autobiographies. For biographies of prominent individuals, these general biographical reference works may help: National cylopedia of American biography. New York: J.

N28 A one volume index to the entire work was published in In addition to listing personal names, the index has some subject headings. One of these is Indians of North America.

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  • Magic Weapons: Aboriginal Writers Remaking Community After Residential Schools.

The names of some tribes are also listed as subject headings. The main characteristic of the information here is the emphasis on the Caucasian, non-Native American population. For example, wars are alluded to as they affected the lives and careers of the Caucasian settlers and soldiers.

There are some biographies of prominent Native Americans, but very few. Dictionary of American biography. New York: Scribner. D There are only a few biographies of Native Americans here. Only the most famous are included, e.

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The index to this work consists of a personal name index only; there are no subject headings. Captive narratives comprise a form of writing which has developed into a genre in its own right. Allthough not necessarily completely accurate, they do provide a description of Native American life styles from the captive's viewpoint. Memoirs of a captivity among the Indians of North America. New York: Schocken Books. H93 Heard, J. White into Red; a study of white persons captured by Indians. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press.

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A related area is that of Native American activism. The American Indian and the United States; a documentary history. W27 This four volume work consists of a compilation of reprinted official government and legal documents portraying the history of the relationships between the U. Government and Native Americans, The documents are arranged in chronological order, and include the text of treaties, legal decisions, reports of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs, Congressional debates, etc. Prucha, F. Two volumes. P This two volume work covers the history of U.

Government relations with the American Indians up to and including Native Americans and public policy. N33 This is a compilation of essays on different aspects of contemporary government relations. Deloria, Vine. American Indian policy in the twentieth century. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.

A44 Rosenthal, Harvey D. Their day in court; a history of the Indian Claims Commission.

New York: Garland Publishers. Stacks KF R67 Deloria, Vine.

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Custer died for your sins; an Indian manifesto. New York: Macmillan. D36 The author is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, a lawyer, theologian, and prolific commentator and writer on contemporary Indian issues. There are a number of his works in John Jay Library. This particular work is aimed at a young audience and discusses attitudes of American Indians towards whites. French, Laurence. The winds of injustice: American Indians and the U. S67 F74 Dippie, Brian W. The vanishing American: white attitudes and U.

Government policy. Lawrence: University of Kansas press. D58 Josephy, Alvin M.