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Starting from basic principles, the book uses helpful diagrams and clear explanations to demonstrate practical ways of approaching daunting decision problems; of devising possible ways forward; and of working effectively towards agreed courses of action. Along he way, decision makers are helped to cope with diverse sources of uncertainty - technical, political, managerial in a strategic manner.

What is the strategic approach to urban security?

In this extended third edition, the authors have added short contributions from 21 users from seven countries. Decision Support Tools. The Strategic Choice Approach: Focuses on decisions to be made in a particular planning situation, whatever their timescale and whatever their substance.

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Highlights the subtle judgements involved in agreeing how to handle the uncertainties which surround the decision to be addressed - whether these be technical, political or procedural. The approach is an incremental one, rather than one which looks towards an end product of a comprehensive strategy at some future point in time.

In this, an explicit balance is agreed between decisions to be made now and those to be left open until specified time horizons in the future. The approach is interactive, in the sense that it is designed not for use by experts in a backroom setting, but as a framework for communication and collaboration between people with different backgrounds and skills.

Planning Under Pressure: The Strategic Choice Approach - The Tavistock Institute

Strategic Choice Approach is a methodology for dealing with complexity and the interconnectedness of decision problems in an explicit and selective way. It helps people working in a team to make more confident progress towards a decision by focusing on possible ways to manage the uncertainty on what to do next.

By combining a concern for complexity and an emphasis on real-time decision-making Strategic Choice Approach has often been described as an approach to planning under pressure. A typical workshop begins with an identification of problems or issues that are on the current agendas of the participants, and concludes with the development of an agreed progress package containing agreed actions and explorations to be taken back to those agendas. The following statements of emphasis are said to distinguish Strategic Choice Approach from other Problem Structuring Methods.